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Atmosphere Exotic !

For the past few years, jungle has been a stylish decorating theme. Its lush, green, tropical feel is captivating and mystifying. Treat yourself with our jungle decor!

Looking For Some Inspiration for a Wall Decor?

You have come to the right place! Our best-selling PALM TREE ENGRAVINGS panoramic wallpaper compliments any living room, bedroom, or office space. Versatile and minimalistic, indulge in our black and white graphics for an elegant display.



Wall Design and Decor by Scenolia

Scenolia offers a wide range of visual designs that gives a fresh perspective to your interior and exterior space. The design graphics are selected with close attention to detail and ensure the best image quality guaranteed for premium wall decor. Scenolia operates under the umbrella company of Prismaflex Inc., specializing in large format printing. Your wall designs and graphics are printed by our expert operating team. The Scenolia team has set up a blog where you can share wall decor ideas and seek inspiration. Have a look and feel free to leave your questions or comments on our page.  

The wall posters are easy to set up and hang against a flat surface. We offer large-scale and panoramic posters up to 12 meters long. The wall hangings are delivered with a hanging kit. Printed patterns, photographs, or optical illusion wallpapers are available on our website. Scenolia specializes in large format wall arts. For a complete interior transformation, we offer a variety of materials and prints, such as canvas or acrylic, for a touch of brilliance, elegance, and modern twist to your walls. Scenolia features a selection of privacy screens for your backyard, terrace, and balcony. These supports are resistant to strong weather conditions, direct sunshine, wind, and humidity.  

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