Poster for WC and toilets

The quarter bath is an essential room in the house. It deserves to be beautifully decorated and reflect the positive energy and good vibes of your home. For a quarter bath wall covering, be original and choose one of Scenolia's posters or prints designed for the quarter bath.

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Posters and prints for quarter baths

Quarter bath posters and prints, a sleek wall decoration

The quarter bath deserves an attractive decor, even if it is the smallest room in the house. Despite popular opinion, it's easy to bring some style to your quarter bath. All you need is a creative mind and a solid vision for your decor. At Scenolia, we recommend a poster or a quarter bath print to modernise the space and give it a fresh touch. By hanging this type of wall decoration, the walls of your quarter bath will play their part in creating a polished interior. They'll also make the room more welcoming.

How to choose the right quarter bath poster for you?

Just like the other rooms in your house, your quarter bath should match your style. To capture your style, you need to pick the right quarter bath posters and prints to hang on the wall.

  • For originality, you can opt for the jungle posters.
  • Trompe l'oeil posters are perfect for giving the illusion of space in smaller rooms.
  • A vintage poster is a good choice if you want a modern take on retro decor.
  • However, if you're after something a little more discrete, you can always opt for classic art deco style by choosing a black and white quarter bath poster.

If you want your quarter bath posters to come together with the rest of the room's decor