Poster for hallway

The hallway should really be considered a room in its own right. Though this space is often narrow, it's usually metres long, so it's decor shouldn't be neglected. Dare to adorn your walls with posters. With these easy-to-install decorative posters, you can create a bright, personal atmosphere in no time!

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Enhance your interior design with a corridor wall poster

Push your decoration throughout the house. Yes, all of it! Decorating your living room and bedroom seems to be a matter of course nowadays. But few people think of dressing the walls of their hallway, their entrance hall, their toilets... However, you will agree that all rooms in the house are important and useful. Therefore, their decoration should not be neglected.

Our decoration tip for the hallway is to stick or pin a beautiful panoramic poster to the wall. It will break the long monotonous path. The giant poster brings soft colours to this too often dark space. For example, you can decorate your hallway with a trompe l'oeil poster: false staircase, door to a garden, pathway into the forest... to give the illusion of enlargement. Many models of wall posters are offered here, up to 12 metres to cover the longest walls.