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The corridor

A dark and neglected hallway gives off a negative image of your home. Well decorated and bright, it brings a smile to your face as soon as you enter the house. Focus on decoration ideas for your hallway.

Deco idea: how to choose a corridor wall decoration?

The corridor, a part of the house where decoration should not to be neglected. This long, often narrow and dark passageway is the corridor. You've probably fretted over how to decorate the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen... By the end of it all, the corridor is often left unfinished. Yet this place is in fact an important part of your living space. Think of how often you pass through it. When entering your home, visitors also pass through it. x4/}

So decorating the hallway is worthwhile, even if it seems a bit more complicated. We have a whole host of tips and ideas that will make sure the decoration of your corridor is a guaranteed success. x6/}

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Dark hallway: what to do?

Lighting in this part of the house is just as important as that of the living areas. A dark corridor will make you house feel spooky. Why not try installing spotlights at 1.5 m intervals? By choosing economical designs, you won't have huge electricity bills either.

Light colours will visually enlarge the space. Light-coloured wallpapers are best for a dark hallway.

Finally, to really make the most of any available light, hang a mirror at the end of the corridor. This will also give the illusion of a larger space.

Décoration murale The hallway

What colours for the walls?

White corridors are a classic choice, and with good reason. It gives you a pleasant feeling as soon as you enter the house. The brightness of white makes it suitable for narrow corridors.

Would you like to add an element of fantasy? Light colours are your ally in corridors. . Choose soft pink or sky blue for example. The colour of the corridor should be in harmony with the colour of the room it leads to.

Playing with the black and white also brings a touch of class to your decoration.

Black and white corridor wallpaper

Complete your hallway wall decor

Scenolia corridor wall decorations

Using pretty posters

Several types of posters are available to enhance the corridor. They're easy to install. Choose from a variety of sizes depending on the space you have available. Messages are sent out through the posters. Just choose the ones that suit you best.

Mother Nature Posters

Create a tropical atmosphere at home by putting up posters with a lot of greenery. A coastal path in your hallway will make you want to go on holiday. Posters depicting someone swimming, a beachy paradise or even a waterfall are all welcome additions to your corridor.

Bring the urban trend into your home

Would you like to create a New York atmosphere in your passageway? Feel free to hang up panoramic New York City models. Paris La Seine can be found in your home through displays. Our wide range of posters will make your hallway decor a success.

Corridor wallpaper

Your walls have a big effect on the image your corridor gives off. For a quick, effective method of decoration, wallpaper is the perfect solution. Choose from panoramic, patterned or airy photo designs.

Give your walls an industrial style

If you have an industrial-themed interior, wallpaper will bring your hallway together perfectly. You can choose patterns that leave the concrete looking raw. You could even choose wallpaper with a beige stone pattern. Panoramic wallpapers are also available is factory brick print.

Let nature take over your walls

Corridor wallpaper allows you to add some greenery to your hallway. Palm tree, emerald forest or dune motifs can decorate the corridor. Sky blue, seaside and countryside images are other panoramic wallpaper designs that would complement this space.

Hanging a hallway canvas: an option worth considering

Large format pictures are an effective way to spice up your interior. They're suitable for any room and inject some personality into your hallway.

Fabric canvases

They are lightweight and easy to set up. these decorative accessories will add some style to your hallway. Their waterproof material makes them suitable for any atmospheric conditions. These boards are available in several models. You can choose from a variety of fauna and flora. The lotus, feng or freesia bouquet will please all floral art lovers. You can also display images of animals such as flamingos, elephants or gorillas.

Acrylic glass canvas

Installing a hallway painting in acrylic glass brings originality to your home. Simply choose a theme you like and ask to have it printed on a canvas. With our customised templates, you can also display your family photo amidst a beautiful setting. An Asian landscape, inky rain, a map of the world...: you're spoilt for choice.

Déco couloir

What flooring should I choose?

Keep in mind that this part of the house is a high footfall area. Everyone in the household and visitors pass through. The appropriate coating must then be durable. Although a carpet is pretty, it won't stand the test of time.

Low maintenance materials are the best option for a hallway. Why not go for a light-coloured tile. Plastic flooring and laminate flooring are also good alternatives.

Does the current floor in your hallway seem too drab? A nice rug is the perfect low-cost solution. You could choose a patterned rug, or even a bright, plain colour.

What about narrow hallways?

We all agree that decorating a small space is not always easy. Narrow corridors can often make you feel like there's no room to breathe. That's why you should prioritise making the room feel bigger by using wall decor to create the illusion of space.

First, start off by choosing bright, airy colours. You could also consider installing skylights. These make a good replacement for a solid wall. On the other side, hang mirrors to reflect the room. This will create a successful room-enlarging effect. If you have a deep but narrow hallway, opt for high shelves. Your decor can be both stylish and practical.

Hallway accessories

Before you start designing your walkway, get the right tools. Transparent tacks will be necessary to fix decorative posters without breaking their charm. If you need adhesive, you'll need to pick the right one for the texture of your walls. Our white and powdered glues are still available. To succeed in the work, you need to gather tools such as a cutter, a ruler, a glue mixer, a roller, a brush, a glueing brush... All of these installation accessories that you need to have when undertaking decorative work are at your fingertips on Scenolia.