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You lie down in your room to rest, relax and unwind. This is the place where you let your imagination run wild. How to choose the decoration for your room? Which setting is suitable for it?

As we're sure you know, the time you spend sleeping is important and valuable , as it regenerates the body and mind, helping you get through your day better. In order to make the most of this precious time, making it pleasant and productive, you need to make sure your décor is just right. So go ahead and decorate your bedroom! It's sure to help you sleep better. It's important for both children and adults, and affects your mind and your mood.

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Importance of a bedroom wall decoration

Decor is an art through which we express our desires and emotions. It helps you express yourself and fulfil your aspirations. It's a channel of communication that comes with many benefits. It inspires self-confidence and influences the daily lives of all those living in the home.

It's attractive and varies according to the person: their taste, vision and objective all affect the final outcome. For this reason, the same decor will evoke different feelings in children than it does in adults. You therefore need to take age into account when it comes to your decor. At the end of the day, you just want to relax and forget the stress, pressure and other negative feelings that are inextricably tied to everyday life. What better way to do this than by updating your wall decor with wallpapers that allow your mind to escape to faraway lands?

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How to decorate your bedroom?

Decorative trompe l'oeil printing is the best option for transforming your room into the atmosphere you aspire to. Bedroom decoration offers you several alternative ideas such as romantic, trendy, landscape, dreamy... If you're finding your bedroom decoration a bit old and boring, why not give it a makeover? Experience our trompe l'oeil wallpapers that are always guaranteed to immerse you in a place of your choice, for as long as you choose. . The adult bedroom decoration transforms your daily life, changes your interior and transports you to a place that you would have previously chosen through your wallpaper option.

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Add a bedroom wall decoration to complete your decor.

How to choose your bedroom wall decoration?

Why not decorate your bedroom interior with different canvases and wallpapers? These types of decorations are well known for their soothing aesthetic. People have always wanted to make their wildest dreams a reality. This led individuals to search for new creative ways to express their desires with a view to improving their well-being. And so the decorative wallpaper was born. This style of wall decoration gives you the opportunity to bring your dreams to life. Wallpapers are intended to add a special touch to your interior. Which one you choose depends on several factors. It all depends on the design goal you set yourself. For example, do you want to reflect your style, hobbies or passions? Or maybe you're looking to create a particularly atmosphere?

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Depending on your goal, you may lean towards a particular style such as new art, elegant, romantic, rustic, contemporary, natural or even vintage. Whichever style you pick, it's sure to meet your design expectations and make you feel revived. Our wallpapers vary in many ways, such as design, colour and shape. They all give different effects to an interior space and suit particular styles of furniture. You can also choose a wallpaper to help you achieve the atmosphere you want to create in your home. We have a range of different wallpapers from imitation stone wallpapers to light wood wallpaper, all bound to give your interior a soft, warm atmosphere.

To express your vision clearly, you'll need to pay attention to the finer details that will make your wallpaper pop. For example, you might choose a decorative wallpaper displaying an image of a football field to show your love for the beautiful game. Adding the right details and accessories, such as placing a football on the corner of your bed or on your bedside table, will give your decor a foreground and a sense of depth. Accessories add the perfect finishing touch. Playing around with colour and lighting can breathe new life into your bedroom, as can switching up your furniture and bedsheets. These elements should match your wallpaper if you want to create a beautiful, cohesive interior design.

If you're looking for a patterned wallpaper, you'll need to consider the size of the pattern before making your final decision. It should be well-suited to the living space it's intended for. Large patterns will complement a large room, while small patterns are better suited to smaller spaces. Personalise your abode and bring your ideas to life. Pick a theme you like (holidays in the mountains, trips to the sea, New York...).

Which wallpaper is right for your bedroom?

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Your attic can be transformed into a cosy, stylish and personalised corner. We have a range of adult bedroom wallpapers to choose from. Choose a wallpaper style that suits you. All you need to do is make an informed choice and choose a good layout. Wallpapers are suitable for any type of room (small or large) and can enhance your interior in many ways, no matter your style. Each one is unique:

  • Non-woven wallpaper
    Non-woven wallpaper offers excellent value for money. It's easy hang, whether it's in strips or in one piece. It's extremely practical and easy to use as it can be glued directly onto the wall. There's no need to get out a table to paste the back of the wallpaper with glue beforehand. Those days are over!
    This type of wallpaper is suitable for any room in the house that is free from moisture: living rooms, bedrooms, offices, playrooms... non-woven wallpaper also has the added benefit of being affordable.
  • Pre-glued non-woven wallpaper
    Pre-glued paper has the same characteristics as non-woven wallpaper, but with one additional feature: glue has already been applied to the back. You don't need to buy glue. This wallpaper is easy to apply: simply spray tap water over it to activate the glue. This feature makes the wallpaper even easier to hang and saves you the cost of purchasing additional products. However, pre-glued non-woven wallpaper is only available in smaller sizes (maximum size 130cm). If you're looking for something larger, we recommend using our regular non-woven wallpaper.
  • Textile wallpaper
    Textile wallpaper is a thick wall covering. It's recommended for covering uneven or damaged walls. It's also washable, i.e. it's moisture and water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water. This wallpaper is ideal for rooms that have a tendency to get damp or on a wall that often gets splashed with water, such as those in a kitchen or bathroom. The material will hold up perfectly, without coming unstuck.

Any of these wallpapers are suitable for your bedroom. It's up to you to choose the finish and the printed image ?.

Children's bedroom: tips for creating a successful wall decor

Your children's room is a multifunctional space. Since your little ones will spend most of their time there, it makes sense to provide them with a stimulating, enjoyable environment. Here are our tips for decorating this room.

Decorate the room with your child in mind

A true living space, your child's room is far more than just four walls. This is the room where your child or baby will grow up. Because of this, certain concepts need to be taken into account to help them through this stage of their life. Your children will go through 5 major evolutionary stages before they reach the age of 12, including the perception of colours, shapes and volumes, as well as their moral development and the emergence of their own personality. Therefore, a child's bedroom decor plays a part in shaping them both cognitively and emotionally. Designing an interior which takes into account their development can prove to be a real asset to your child.

It all starts with a good layout

Before you begin decorating your baby or child's room, it's vital that the room in question is well laid out. There are some basic rules to follow. However, these can vary considerably depending on the age and needs of your child. As a matter of fact, young parents are predominantly only concerned with the baby's crib until it reaches the age of about 3 months. But as time goes on, you'll need to set up play areas, homework areas and, once they become a teenager, their own private space. In order to do this, you'll need to ask yourself some initial questions to identify the parameters of the room. What will the room be used for? What size is it? How many children will share the room? What style will you go for? As well as this, you'll need to consider the arrangement of the furniture.

Bedroom wall decor: a conclusion

Your bedroom decor matters. Whether you have wanderlust or not, the right wall decor can transport you to dreamy locations, like those brought to life by our trompe l'oeil wallpaper. A canvas which brings your ideas to life is a true masterpiece. It allows you to stay on trend while still expressing your personality.

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