Scenolia’s collection of wallpapers includes an assortment of patterns, tropical scenery, animals and much more. You can choose from our non-woven paper material or textile canvas for your preference.

Build a fantasy inside your home with wall décor that transforms your space completely. Browse through Scenolia’s vast selection of wallpapers for walls.

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Large Selection of Trendy Wallpapers

A Fresh Start For Your Home

Are you considering changing your interior decor and giving your home a refreshing feel? A wall decor is the simplest way in changing your style without redecorating completely. Explore our range of trendy, exotic, eye catching and eccentric wallpapers. With many themes at your disposal, you are sure to find the best wall décor that complements you best.

Choose a theme that creates a warm, inviting, or exciting ambiance for you and your guests. An urban landscape can bring you closer to the city no matter where you reside, or a tropical-themed décor brings the holidays much closer to home. Browse through our array of themes to find the theme you wish to bring home.

Choose A Wall Décor That Aligns With Your Style

A large-scale optical illusion wallpaper, black and white, industrial, or floral can enhance your room in many ways and add dimension to your walls. Scenolia’s selection of wallpaper for walls styles brings you photographs, paintings, graphic designs and much more to give you the space you deserve.

Whether you are looking to get in a better headspace with a décor that brings you peace and tranquility or wish to keep the space lively for entertainment and events.

A Perfect Wallpaper Speaks A Thousand Words

Scenolia acknowledges the diversity in architecture and caters to both vertical and horizontal wallpaper. Whether you choose to cover every surface, or decorate only one blank wall, the wall décor you choose is bound to make quite an impression. 

Easy to install, our wallpaper comes in two options. You can choose from our pre-pasted wallpaper for an easy stick or add the glue with the tools and accessories provided.

Which Wallpaper To Choose For A Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, or Office?

Our home wallpapers are suitable for any room in the house. We provide high-quality materials that are simple to install and resistant to wear and tear overtime. Our wall decor can be used in humid spaces like a bathroom, a kitchen, or indoor spa. 

Beautiful wallpaper can bring your interior walls to life. With our assorted selection of models and sizes, our wall coverings amplify even the smallest spaces.

A Decorative Wallpaper Installation

You could be asking yourself how to use and handle our equipment. With Scenolia, we have everything taken care of! Our high-quality material and appropriate finish make an effortless application without failure. 

You may not require a pasting station as some of our wall coverings are delivered and ready for application. Each package includes a detailed instruction guide that will walk you through each step and procedure upon installation.

We furnish white glue in our installation kit, along with all the tools and materials necessary for a successful application. Scenolia’s accessories guarantee an easy installation of decorative wallpaper and can be set up in just minutes depending on the size of your surface. The kit provided consists of a 9 mm (about 0.35 in) cutter, a flat brush, a paste roller, and a pasting brush. Admire your new wall decoration in no time!

What Is Non-Woven Walls Paper?

Made of polyester and wood fibre, non-woven paper has been revolutionizing the world of interior décor for several years. This material will enhance your interior with a lovely finish. It is also beneficial for simple applications and lightweight products.