Wallpapers for Hallway

A space that connects multiple rooms from one another. Scenolia’s collection of Hallway wallpaper patterns offers dynamic paths you can take within your home. Whether it is the corridor leading towards your bedroom, staircase or the front door, this area should not be overlooked. Browse our selection of prints and decorate your home accordingly for a lasting impression.

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Design Your Hallway

Endless Possibilities for your Corridor Wallpaper

Add dynamic to the architecture of your home. This space can be used to define your home if located by an entrance, or it can be used to link distinctive themes from different rooms. Although most hallways happen to be very narrow spaces, you can add wall art to augment the space of your small hallway and reinforce the design theme of your home. Take a look at our decor ideas!

Brighten up your wall with a vibrant wall décor. Your hallway will instantly feel radiant with floral wallpaper or scenic landscapes of the Savannah desert. You can adopt a minimalist tone by choosing a black and white printed wallpaper. The perfect addition to any modern or classic interior design.

Add some charm with a dry stone wallpaper design for a Mediterranean feel, or bring the city closer to you with a brick wall display.

Choose Your Material

Our high-quality product makes the installation procedure seamless. Choose between our non-woven wallpaper for a great price to quality ratio, or our textile wallpaper for an easy-to-clean surface. Choose the wallpaper for walls that keeps your hallway looking fresh.