Tropical Wallpaper

Rejuvenate your interior with nature’s essentials for your home décor. Free yourself on a tropical beach on the east coast of the Caribbean or wander through the vine and leaves of an exotic forest in Asia. Scenolia’s Tropical wall décor will have you revitalized by transporting you to some of the most glamorous and alluring places in the world, from the comfort of your home. Our online catalogue features a wonderful selection of wallpaper. Start exploring!

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Warm and Lush

Get Close To The Equator

From jungles to rainforests, we carry a variety of scenery to transform your interior. Whether it is bamboo plants, foreign plants, or fascinating species, our trendy wallpapers capture every important detail to make your home feel like you are steps away from your ideal destination. A simple glance at your wall will soothe your senses and the sight of nature will relax you after a long and busy day.

Discover Stunning Landscapes With Our Tropical Wallpaper

We select only the best photographs to ensure every product meets your expectations. A magnificent waterfall flowing through a peaceful river surrounded by foliage will bring you peace and tranquility. A sandy beach with crystal clear water will have you feeling relaxed as you gaze into the scenic attractions. Our tropical wallpaper collection gives you the opportunity to get away from your everyday setting and explore hidden gems from all over the world.

Tropical Wallpaper: A Wall Décor for Any Style

Enhance any room with our tropical displays. Our Barcelona Garden wallpaper will create an eccentric atmosphere regardless of your location. Wander off to a remote location like our Love Island wallpaper and clear your mind. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to hang and only takes a few minutes to set up. What are you waiting for? The tropics are waiting for you!