Panoramic wallpapers

Trendy panoramic wallpaper designed by Scenolia to decorate any room. Discover a wide choice of design wallpapers, photos, panoramas, landscapes, illustrations, trompe l'oeil... to decorate your home in your own image. With the strip finish, lay your decor by joining the strips edge to edge. In one piece, your decor is easy to install, with no joints for a perfect result.

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The Wow Effect! With a beautiful panorama wallpaper

The panoramic wall provides a grand effect in the room! The panorama offered by this type of decor is immense, as it occupies a whole wall of the room. The modern, designer wallpaper will dazzle your loved ones when they enter the room. A wallpaper for walls of this size is certainly eye-catching!

Our panoramic wallpapers are either composed of several wallpaper strips, or in one block. We offer this finish exclusively because we print our own tapestries on to widths of several metres.

High-quality panoramic wallpapers made cautiously

We wrap the fabric around a mandrel to make it easier for you to install. All you have to do is unroll it as you go along. An explanatory leaflet is of course also provided with your purchase.

Non-woven wallpaper is the reference in the world of wallpapers. Scenolia favours photos over patterns in many of its landscape wallpapers. Trompe-l'oeil photography is the speciality!

We have several decoration images, ranging from the very classic panorama of New York behind a glass roof to trendy photography, as well as all the latest decor ideas, such as a path leading into a green tropical jungle with giant foliage. We have hundreds of images to choose from!

How do I hang panoramic view wallpaper?

Scenolia helps you to put your panoramic view wallpaper up and detailed instructions are provided with each package. A demonstration video made by our team is also available on YouTube. Panoramic wallpapering is accessible to everyone, even to beginners. We recommend that two people put it up.

There are 2 finishes and 2 materials available on Scenolia. The method of applying giant wallpaper does not change from one material to another but varies according to the finish chosen: in strips or in one piece. In all cases, the gluing is done on the wall. This saves valuable time and eliminates the need to buy a decorating table.

Advantages of one piece wallpaper

The advantage of one-piece wallpaper is that it is a single piece, as the name suggests, so there are no visible joints. It is a good choice for a smooth finish on a wide wall, and it is no more difficult to install. Measure your wall and cut the wallpaper beforehand if necessary. Leave a small extra margin which you can cut off with a cutter once it is up.

Follow the Scenolia installation guide and your panoramic wallpaper will be on your wall in about an hour.

Where to buy your panoramic landscape image wallpaper?

Scenolia offers a wide range of panoramic wallpapers here: more than 400 models with a wide variety of styles and colours to suit everyone. You are bound to find your perfect panoramic wallpaper on Scenolia. Please feel free to browse our collection of wall murals and contact us if you have any questions.

Our FAQ will also answer all your questions. We are a French manufacturer of wall decorations, and we guarantee the quality of our panoramic wall murals. They are made with professional quality materials and high-definition images that have been carefully selected by our integrated art studio from artists, photographers or image banks.

The jungle and nature-themed panoramic wallpaper trend

For a trendy interior, follow the latest styles. The trend is for panoramic jungle and nature wallpaper, with giant and colourful patterns, tropical engravings, palm tree illustrations, forest photos... Let yourself be guided by Scenolia's decorating inspirations.

Custom-made panoramic wallpaper for bedrooms and living rooms

Our panoramic wallpapers are suitable for every room in the house, from the bedroom to the living room, the office, the kitchen and even the bathroom and cloakroom. For damp rooms, or if your wallpaper is near a water source, textile fabrics are the best choice.

All our tapestries can be re-cut to size, which means that you can adjust the size to the size of your wall. If you have a headboard to upholster, for example, you can cut your covering to the right size before fitting it with a new blade cutter.

Panoramic wall art 6 m

Scenolia offers panoramic wallpaper sizes of up to 6 metres in length

To cover a very long wall or to cover two adjacent walls, wallpaper is ideal. It is available in strips or in one piece, choose your finish for an easy installation of the panoramic wallpaper. Let yourself be seduced by the varied and original decorative atmospheres.

The giant panoramic wallpaper is guaranteed to impress

Your friends will be amazed by the 6-metre long XXL photo set! When they return to your home, they will be impressed by its incredible length, which gives the room a spacious feel. The living room is enlarged by the panoramic wall decor. The effect is even more pronounced when the printed visual is a trompe-l'oeil of a space in perspective.

The lines of the wallpaper lead our gaze to the horizon, and we feel at sea and the real space appears larger.

Discover original wallpapers in our annual home-made Scenolia collections:

  • Watercolour effects,
  • Realistic imitation materials,
  • Tropical motifs,
  • City drawings in pencil,
  • Colourful patchworks...

Large-scale decorations that reflect current trends! All the repetitive wallpapers can be produced in a length of 6 metres, because we do not stretch the visual, we invent a continuation.

The visual does not lose print quality and does not pixelate, the patterns are simply added along the length. Some of our collections appear to have endlessly repeated patterns, but on closer inspection, the pattern is unique everywhere, all the way through! This is the magic of Scenolia: unique creations!