Bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo wall decor will give any room a zen style. Green bamboo is the pinnacle of relaxing wall decoration.

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Why choose Scenolia's bamboo wallpapers?

Its originality, excellent value for money, and easy installation makes Scenolia's bamboo wallpaper an excellent choice. All Scenolia's wallpapers are printed in France, near the city of Lyon, guaranteeing excellent quality materials and printing. Our bamboo images are carefully selected to ensure beautiful high-resolution large wallpapers. Whether in strips or as a monobloc, our non-woven paper and textile fabrics are surprisingly easy to hang. You can hang the product on your own, or with two people, in about twenty minutes. Our shop offers adhesives that are compatible with our materials. They are sold separately; we prefer to leave it up to our customers to choose whether or not to use these additional installation accessories. In any case, we provide installation instructions with each bamboo wallpaper and a demonstration video is available on our YouTube channel. Over to you!