Wallpaper strip

Unique wallpaper strip: a thin format ideal for small spaces. It decorates your room from floor to ceiling. The wallpaper is easy to install with direct gluing to the wall, or pre-pasted paper for even easier installation.

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The importance of wallpaper on your walls

The wall is THE thing that everyone notices when they enter your home. This is what will make you stand out from other people. In order to give your interior decoration a little character, it is impossible to ignore your walls. At Scenolia, we have solutions to embellish your walls and add a touch of dynamism to your home, starting with our decorative wallpapers.

Self-adhesive wallpaper is all the rage at the moment. Positioned as a wallpaper strip or even on a painted wall, the single strip gives a different, funkier effect to your walls. The single vertical strip has become an important decorative feature in our homes. Adapt it to the character of your room. For a child's room, opt for a more relaxed and less strict wallpaper style. Conversely, it is better for spaces such as living rooms or modern kitchens to use a completely different vertical frieze: for example, a designer canvas, either geometric or trompe l'oeil, depending on the style of your house. This will add value to the room and make it less monotonous.

Seeing bigger is good, and reflects a desire to move forward, so why not try our panoramic wallpapers? Discover breathtaking trompe l'oeil, suitable for interior decoration in the kitchen, living room or bedrooms.