Green wallpapers

The colour green is a symbol of hope, which is sought after for its soothing qualities. It's a versatile colour that can be effortlessly combined with other elements of your interior design. With wall covering, you can keep your interior design interesting. With countless patterns, photos, themes and materials, there's a wide choice of green wallpaper available on Scenolia.

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Green wallpapers and tapestries

Green wallpaper: emphasisis on nature

There are many shades of green. Understanding the nuance between pastel green wallpaper, apple green wallpaper will allow you to create a flawless, original interior which is well-suited to your existing décor. Our wallpaper catalogue includes many natural landscapes that will bring a breath of fresh air to your interior. Wallpapers showing sights such as The Foncouverte waterfall and The emerald forest inspire tranquility and will help you recuperate after a long day.

Green backgrounds for every room

A light green wallpaper would look great in your office: the soft pastel tone will give the room a mellow feel, which will help you focus on your tasks. A green colour scheme brings life to your bedroom: our panoramic wallpaper of Green Valley is the perfect choice. If you'd prefer a single vertical strip, why not choose mist in the forest?

When you're cooking, our aniseed green kitchen wallpaper will get your creative juices flowing. And finally, whether it's a forest or a garden, a tropical theme is sure to impress your guests with its beautiful palm leaves.

Find the perfect green wallpaper for you with Scenolia

With our broad array of products, there's sure to be a wallpaper for walls that ticks all your boxes at Scenolia.