Orange Wallpapers

To add value and powerful energy to your walls, or if they're just looking a bit dull, why not cover them with our high-quality designer orange wallpaper? Discover our collection of orange wallpapers and wall décors to decorate and cover the walls of your bedroom or any other room.

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Orange wallpapers and wall coverings

Decorate and bring life to your house with orange aesthetic wallpaper!

The colour orange is bright, intense, dynamic and uplifting and will naturally bring more light and cheerfulness to your home. Orange is not just a colour for Halloween or autumn. Combining excellently with a wide variety of colours, orange makes a style statement to your accent wall.

Working as an accent colour, orange is infused with a whole range of warm pigments. Colourful prints such as red and grey go well with orange. Together, they have the power to redefine your home as colourful and invigorating.

You can also go for a more original design with lighter shades, such as pale blue and soft lilac. Contrasting the warmth of orange with blue accents is soothing to say the least. Orange background wallpaper is guaranteed to enrich the style of your home. This colour means modernity and comfort.

Orange decorating ideas for your home

With class and elegance, brighten up your plain walls with orange design wallpaper. Looking for ideas of how to combine orange wallpapers with your interior design? Look no further. Bring about change to your home, achieving a personalised environment that also reflects your style.

Combine your orange wallpaper for walls with brightly coloured decorative objects: Vintage paintings, colourful artworks, vases, floor mats, potted plants… Adopt a consistent theme and lively energy in all your rooms. Choose from an array of modern wallpaper designs :

  • brick wallpaper,
  • black and orange wallpaper,
  • geometric orange wallpaper,
  • autumn landscape…

Find everything you need for your walls at Scenolia!