Grey wallpapers

Decide what your walls will look like, and choose from our wide grey wallpaper range, available on our online shop. Discover a wide variety of patterns and styles to give your home a new lease of life with the perfect wallpaper. All our wall coverings are of a very high quality and are long-lasting.

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A wide range of grey wallpaper designs, guaranteed to enhance your interior

At Scenolia, we have a wide variety of patterns and shades of grey, perfect for decorating your walls: from the regular grey wallpaper to the dark or light grey wallpaper or the silvery wallpaper, we got you covered. Bringing your rooms another lease of life.

At first glance, the wallpapers are elegant, soft, and simple. But in fact they have more of an influence on the room than you might think. All of these neutral-looking colours combine harmoniously with your furniture and decorative objects.

High-quality grey wallpaper patterns and wall coverings

By combining your imagination and sense of creativity, you can use any of these models as inspiration. They can be easily adapted to the room you choose to put it in: 

  • Kitchen, 
  • Bedroom, 
  • Office space,
  • Toilet,
  • Bathroom
  • And living room. 

Timeless, these wallpapers have stood the test of time without losing their quality.

Create a unique feeling with an elegant grey wallpaper

Bring more atmosphere to your home, creating a place that is tangibly cheerful, happy and has a certain joie de vivre to it. At the mere sight of these bright, cheery patterns, all your everyday stresses disappear as you settle into an atmosphere of true relaxation and well-being.

Emphasize your interior with a grey patterned wallpaper

Grey wallpapers bring refreshing and accentuated effects to your interiors. With these models, your furniture will once again take the centre stage, looking like new. They will contribute to making your living room a truly charming place, a haven of peace. Indeed, this wallpaper for walls not only brings beauty and charm to your house, but they also protect your walls, giving them a longer life.