White wallpapers

White wallpaper is back! Interior design specialists love it, and for good reason. Appropriate for any room, it brings light and brightness. Scenolia offers you a large choice of white wallpaper designs.

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White wallpapers and tapestries: an asset for your interior

White wallpaper improves brightness in a room, and as such, is particularly recommended in rooms with small windows. It is also an effective solution for rooms that don't get much sun. What's more, white wallpaper enlarges the space, whether it's the living room, halls and landings, or the bedroom.

A unique and personalised decoration

White can be combined with any colour. A white wall covering will certainly complement and indeed highlight any features you've got in your home, such as landscape paintings or ornamental plants. Whether you go for modern or classic furniture, white bedroom wallpaper with a pattern is bound to add to their charm. Fundamentally, white brings together your interior design, furniture, art and everything else.

Treat yourself with our white wallpapers

Bring your choice of style to your home with our stunning wallpapers! The white stone wallpaper allows you to highlight a section of your wall. This design draws attention to the objects you place in front of it.

If you are a fan of snow sports, a snow textured wallpaper is perfect, and will surely make you think of those special times you had in the snow. This item is also a great option when winter sets in, and you want your home design to reflect the beauty of this season. If you're a fan of textured effects, the Luxury White Wall range will certainly meet your expectations.

Single strip, panoramic wallpaper or wall fresco, you can choose from a variety of dimensions on Scenolia. Our teams are here to help, and will listen carefully to your interior dreams and ideas, ensuring you get the wallpaper for walls that's just right for you and your home.