World Map Wallpapers

Ever dreamed of traveling the world? It is not always easy to find time among other things we prioritize, but it does not make it impossible. Scenolia’s collection of world map wallpaper brings you all the beautiful wonders by letting you venture across the globe without leaving your couch. Discover hidden sights, distant lands in our collection of map murals, posters, and canvas prints.

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A Wall Map Display Luring You To Travel - Guaranteed To Enrich Your Interior

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your living room is undoubtedly the most occupied space in your home. Create a warm and welcoming environment with stunning wallpaper for walls. Whether you are looking for décor on the minimalist end, such as a black and white world map wallpaper, or something more vintage and abstract: our world maps make the perfect fit. An adventure-filled wall décor not only makes an eye-catching display but gives your home a unique touch.

A terrific opportunity to get acquainted with countries, continents, and regions from all around the world. A detailed map is a wonderful way of enhancing your geography knowledge and discovering places beyond your horizons. Perfect for bedrooms, office dens, and a children's playroom, let Scenolia be your travel guide. Take a look at our selection of posters and image prints available online in a variety of styles.

Our Collection Of Maps of The World

Our large format map wallpaper mural can accommodate big spaces. From 150 cm posters to 4 m long wallpaper, we offer assorted sizes to ensure a seamless fit to your wall size. Our collection of large-format wall art is a terrific way to express your inner explorer. This wall décor will embellish any room in your home, as well as studios, commercial, and office spaces.

We offer a wide variety of styles that will transform your home. Expand your knowledge and share delightful moments with your loved ones.