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Are you passionate about black, a dark and contrasting colour? With black wallpapers and wall coverings, you can well and truly define your décor with your favourite style. In today's world, dark black is in fashion. One way to avoid making your room even darker despite the use of black wallpaper on a feature wall is to add a lighter tone to part of your room.

Discover the best ideas for a black and bright interior look.

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Black wallpaper and wall coverings

Black wallpaper, a daring but compelling choice

Decorating your home is important to you, of that there is no doubt. However, this can be difficult at times, especially when you want to choose a black wall décor to give your home a different look. The use of black in interior design, including modern wallpaper for walls, has become “à la mode”.

The advantage of the black wallpaper design is its neutral nature which matches any type of interior decor (white, grey, red...). The combination with a light wood hue or gold wallpaper works perfectly for warm and classic elegance.

Our black design wallpaper works a treat

If you want to give your home a sophisticated look by using a dark wallpaper, choosing black wallpaper covering is a great idea. Lighter coloured furniture brings light and brightness to the room. Opt for graphic wallpaper rather than plain wallpaper if you're wanting your personality to shine through that contemporary design a little more.

From among the black design wallpapers available in our online shop, you can choose from a variety of images depicted on a black background: 

  • Paint effect on the wall,
  • Urban design,
  • Abstract wallpaper,
  • Jungle and flowers patterns,
  • Engravings,
  • Zebra skin,
  • Black photos…

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