Flowers & Plants Wallpaper

A garden full of beautiful flowers is often conceived as auspicious. Many of us choose to incorporate flowers and plants into our daily lives, including our homes. They bring us a sense of concentration and contribute to our mental health. A floral wall décor holds a similar effect. Display a lovely wall décor for any desired space.

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Scenolia plant wallpaper and plant tapestry

Flowers For Every Occasion

Flowers facilitate reproduction for the mechanism in your garden and freshen the air within your home. They are often sought after for their incredibly unique beauty, with eye-catching colours and subtle fragrance. A flower-themed wall can bring inspiration and capture feelings when used as a decorative component. Our floral wall décor is one of our classic favourites and adds a whimsical feeling to your interior.

Always In Bloom

Let your walls flourish with a botanical decorative trend. A floral wallpaper completes this look and reveals our love for nature. Scenolia’s printed graphics come in a selection of styles that adhere to any indoor space. The stunning Awakening Privacy Screen makes a beautiful addition to your yard fence and brings you a little closer to springtime all year long. For a stunning accent wall, our Scent of Dawn wallpaper lets you incorporate a stunning lavender field in your living room and works as a focal point. We have a vast selection of prints also available on our canvas prints and posters. The floral décor adds a touch of elegance, simplicity, and refinement that gives your room more personality.

A vintage floral aesthetic emphasizes the details and designs of the furniture and other elements of the room. Our Succulent canvas print makes a wonderful green addition to your space and a wonderful pair with a house plant. The complementary nature of these elements is simply stunning. Our collection includes many sizes, a single strip stands out to its original format, while a large format wallpaper makes a huge impression by covering the entire wall.