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Scenolia’s vast selection of canvas prints are available in large prints, medium-sized prints, acrylic printed graphics, and other styles to explore! Our collection of original prints and formats will fulfill all your decorative desires, from minimalist to lavish decors.

Our decorative products can be used in any room and easily set up with the help of our installation guide. See what our canvas print can do for you and revive your home decor.

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Contemporary Interior Made in Canada

Scenolia’s canvas prints are uniquely designed and perfectly adapted to any room. Keep your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and any space you admire looking polished and trendy. Perfectly adaptable for a display over your bed frame, the couch, above your desk in your office, or however it uplifts your interior. Let these canvas wall arts embellish your interior.

A Canvas Print For Any Interior

A lovely décor for your home does not have to break your bank. Scenolia’s large format canvas prints are here to enhance your space by filling in the gaps. With our wide selection of designs, sizes, and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect wall frame to match your ambiance at a great price! Choose a theme that creates a mellow, upbeat, or luxurious feeling with a stunning canvas printed wall frame.

In your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom, our acrylic-styled prints make the perfect fit. This highly resistant and clear material accentuates the colours and fine details of your printed image. The optical clarity is visually comparable to a glass coating, adding more value and depth to your wall décor.

Have a look at our large format graphic canvas prints. These designs are sure to bring you sheer bliss.

How Do I Install a Canvas Print?

Scenolia’s modern decorating products are quick and easy to assemble. Our canvas wall prints come pre-assembled on a mounting bracket. This polished print is easily mounted on your wall without any visible bracket, leaving your décor looking clean and elegant.

This canvas print is delivered with a mounting kit and instructions for effortless installation. Simply attach the hooks to your wall and hang your display. In just a few minutes, have your room transformed and show off your creative side.

You can also save time and check out our demonstration videos on the Scenolia website.

Where Can I Find an Acrylic Canvas Print in Canada?

Scenolia exclusively offers high-quality canvas prints on a 2-meter frame for any interior. This patented canvas mounting system makes this product a unique display. Treat yourself to stunning wall decoration and draw attention to your space. Have a look at our selection of large format prints and make this canvas print a focal point of your living space.

As a printing formatting specialist, we guarantee the best price on the market. We have selected materials made of excellent quality that are both resistant and solid. The aluminum frames provide a substantial hold on your wall that will not warp over time. The textile canvas and acrylic prints are water and moisture resistant, making them ideal for damp areas like a bathroom or kitchen.

As a canvas print manufacturer, we guarantee high-quality image rendering, precise selection but our integrated graphic studio. Visit our “About Us” page to find out more about our company.

Original and Inexpensive Designs

A highly decorative large format for the whole house! Find a wide range of contemporary print designs on Scenolia. Create your own ambiance tailored to your decor style with our selection of prints available! Explore our world maps, optical illusions, wildlife, landscapes, Zen prints, and much more.

Not sure which decorative print to choose for your living room or bedroom? Combine more than one decorative element for a lovely wall display. Add printed wallpaper to enhance your room and combine it with a printed design to strike a balance in your interior design. With a vast selection of designs available online, your interior will be anything but boring.

Do you want even more originality for your wall decor? Make a custom canvas print to use as customized wall art for your room, or send one as a gift to your friends and family. Visit our “custom acrylic photo print” page and print your picture on a wall panel!