Green Wall Art & Canvas Print

Feel at peace with a variety of wall decor that brings you peace and positivity. Green is a colour that conjures up images of safety and nature. Adopt a green canvas print in your living room, bedroom, or office space and create a restorative effect in your space. Browse Scenolia’s wide selection of wall art designed and photographed by independent artists.

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Let Nature Take Its Course

A green canvas print is no doubt a cool and spiritual colour. A lovely combination of blue and yellow, this alluring colour brings you landscapes of the wilderness, leafy decors, fields of tea, a tropical destination or a hike in the forest. Create a decor style that brings you nothing but positive energy and feel at ease in any room you wish to embellish. Without any doubt, green is a colour that helps humans connect with nature and inspires a stress-free environment.

Deliver the Green Earth Charm

Adding a touch of green to your room with a modern print brings a soothing effect and loosens up the nerves. This colour can benefit almost any interior design and uplift the appearance and spirit of your room. In a minimalist interior dominated by black and white furniture, a green wall decoration makes a lovely contrast and creates a central focus. In other interior designs like Bohemian, you can pair a ready to hang green wall art with complementary colours like red or pink or keep the atmosphere cool and neutral with teak furniture and wood grain patterns in a mid-century modern interior.

Glossy or Matte Green Wall Prints

Our collection of green canvas prints is full of life. The photographs and graphics are often perceived as hyperrealistic. A glass-like finish can be used to accentuate the impression and draw attention to the details and green tones. Our acrylic prints create depth between the elements of your print and add dimensions to your walls. We also offer our textile canvas if you wish to display your print in a light-filled space in your home. This material is substantially lighter in weight than acrylic and does not generate glare or reflection. Choose from our wide collection of canvas prints!