Pastel Wall Art & Canvas Print

Pastels are often allied to soft fabrics and soft silhouettes. Less saturated than typical colours, pastels are easier on the eyes and inspire a gentle and soothing vibe. A pastel canvas print features some of our primary colours like millennial pink, baby blue, peach, lavender, and mint green. Explore Scenolia’s selection of bright and neutral tones to set the mood.

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Pastel Art Print for a Sweet and Timeless Interior Décor

A pastel canvas print brings a delicate attribute to your home decor. Whether you are decorating a newborn bedroom, a studio, or your living room, pastel wall art will make your whole atmosphere feel like a dream. Perfect for any style this collection of colours lets you wind down with a beautiful scenic view.

A Trendy Palette

The pastel trend has been emerging for the past century and has become increasingly popular in cinema, the fashion industry, and interior design. These colours often echo a youthful aesthetic and, as a result, provide comfort and a sense of nostalgia. In a simple setting, pastels also add a sense of refinement. A modern or contemporary interior goes beyond black and white designs. You can decorate your room with an array of pastel shades and bring harmony to your decor.

A Wall Decor to Soften the Mood

A pastel interior can often romanticize your walls, especially when paired with romantic settings like Lake With Pink Flamingos canvas print. This collection of hues is also a popular pick for a nursery or children’s playroom.

We sometimes want to make a statement by decorating our homes with bold accents, while other times we prefer to embrace simplicity. The subtlety of the canvas wall art contributes to its beauty. Scenolia's pastel canvas wall art slows time down and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.