Wall Hanging

Eager to decorate your home on a limited budget? Our large format wall hanging tapestries are the perfect solution to your interior improvements. Installation is quick and easy using the supplied suspension kit for a seamless application. Our products are perfect for permanent or rental spaces, allowing you to customize your interior without making any major restorations. Manufactured in Canada, our wall hanging delivers a selection of amazing prints on quality canvas fabric.

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Say Yes To A New Interior Design

The wall hanging is an innovative suspended product created by Scenolia. This wall decoration adheres flawlessly to both small and large surfaces of any room. With a range of different sizes available, the wall hanging effortlessly hides any wall imperfections or defects with a hanging canvas print and contributes to a refreshed look with any design.

How Do I Install a Wall Hanging Tapestry?

One of the most convenient attributes of Scenolia’s tapestry wall hangings is the effortless installation requirements. With your choice or any particular design, simply set up two hooks parallel to the holes on the top corner and clasp your wall hanging.

The suspension kit provided with your purchase contains two hanging bars to infiltrate through the sleeves and ensures a successful display for a perfectly strained canvas print.

Transform Wall Decor

Looking to create an interior design revolution? The seasons change, and your style is bound to shift. Keep your walls up to date with the latest trends, seasonal colours, or change the ambiance of your bedroom, living room, and any other room with a wall hanging. The perfect way to keep your walls modern! Our suspension kits are reusable and let you switch up your wall tapestries for stunning home decoration as often as you would like! Simply unhook your current print and clasp your new design. A decor that promotes innovation in just a few steps.

What Kind of Atmosphere For My Home?

Scenolia’s wonderful array of wall hanging designs carries over 250 prints of trendy, contemporary, and classic themes. Landscapes, oceans, urban settings, or optical illusions, the perfect printed canvas is waiting for you! Find the right home decor for your home in our online collection.

Business Over Personal Matters

Have you just started a business and are looking for new design ideas for your establishment? Being the boss of your own company is what most people dream of. Consider a design that brings style and leaves quite an impression on your clients. Dare to be bold and let your business grow in style!

Discover a lovely selection of wall hanging tapestries to customize the interior of your store, and create a warm and welcoming environment. Elevate your workspace with a modern wall decoration.

Scenolia offers delivery for all orders in Canada. For international shipping, please contact us! If you have any other questions regarding our products, our team will gladly assist you in finding the solution to enhance your home decor.