Optical Illusions Wall Hanging

Give your interior the impression of a larger space with our optical illusion wall hanging tapestries. This unique collection breaches new borders of your room and brings you to another world beyond your imagination. You can make your snug apartment studio appear a lot more spacious by giving your walls depth. An optical illusion effect gives the illusion of dimension and texture with a simple decor.

Whether you wish to have an accent brick wall or look to escape into a scenic view of the tropics, we have what you need to feel right at home. The colour and print rendering of our wall hangings are exquisite, and our products are supplied with a hanging kit for a transformation in a matter of minutes.

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Into Another Dimension Of Decor

The optical illusion wall hanging is a unique decorative piece offered by Scenolia. Easy to install, this illusion-themed wall decor provides a three-dimensional view of a scenic landscape in your bedroom, living room or dining room. The most efficient way of seeing some of the wonders of the world without leaving the room. The optical illusion decor embellishes your interior with a realistic effect.

How To Hang Your Wall Hanging?

This optical illusion wall hanging is the perfect choice if you are looking to customize a temporary space by hiding any wall defects and imperfections. It saves you time from repainting your walls and money from building new textures on your surface. This product requires two hooks above the canvas for suspension and does not depend on additional glue or adhesion.

Upon installation, you are required to fix the hooks on your walls by measuring the distance between the notches. Set up the canvas and unroll the fabric. Quick and easy and saves you time for you to appreciate your newly decorated space.

Wide Choice Of Design And Landscapes

Scenolia keeps your home decor interesting with our array of patterns such as bricks, dry stones, wood grains, animal skin and more to appease your desires. We offer perspective landscapes with spectacular views of the sea, the city, the jungle and other gems. Enhance your interior with an Optical Illusions Wall Hanging decoration. Choose the style, colour and design that suits your room best.