Blue Wall Hanging

Be bold and choose a colour that clears your mind and keeps things steady. A Blue tapestry wall hanging makes a great inclusion to any space. Our wall hangings come with a hanging kit to facilitate your furnishing. Easy to hang, give into temptations and bring this colour home. Blue looks great on you.

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Keep It Chill

Enjoy life to the fullest and feel comfortable in your own home. Create a dynamic interior design to uplift your senses and bring different colours to balance the energy. Add some contrast to the vibrant colours of your room, or keep the peace by adopting the same tone.

A blue wall hanging offers a multitude of possibilities for wall decorations, particularly with our selection of patterns and prints available at Scenolia. Explore our online catalogue, it is yours to discover!

The Power of Blue

The colour of blue does have an impact on our behaviour and mood. This colour makes our everyday life more attractive and helps us maintain our sense of calm. Choosing a blue wall tapestry hanging can inspire confidence and serenity when combined with some of its bright and contrasting colours like orange, yellow, red, or pink. For a simple and minimal decor, you can keep the colour variations limited with colours close in shade with blue like grey, green and purple.

Whatever colour combination you may choose, consider the ambiance you wish to portray before choosing your wall hanging tapestry.

Florals and Botanicals

Create an oasis in your home with a Blue wall hanging of floral prints. Flowers are known for their youthful beauty and soothing properties. A charming botanical print in your living room brings Zen energy and leads you towards a serene interior decor.

Bold Shades of Blue

A royal blue design print can bring positive and honest energy in your space. Combine this shade with a powder blue, a very light shade, for a stimulating feel or your bathroom or kitchen area.

Navy Blue

The navy blue is a must-have that cannot get enough of when decorating. This colour is often mistaken with indigo, royal blue or sapphire blue. It is quite dominant in decorating and can therefore create a very assertive atmosphere. A navy blue wall hanging gives an image of refinement and elegance to your home decor.

Pastels and Soft Hues

Play with some of the softer shades to create a sedative atmosphere. A pastel blue wall art alleviates some of the stress you feel on a daily basis. The colour is often associated with tranquillity, freedom and healing. Use this colour in your bedroom to mirror that same energy.