Urban Wall Hanging

Our Urban Wall Hanging is here to bring a lively feel to your interior decor. Discover some of the world’s influential cities including London, Paris, and New York. Transform your room into a fascinating site map and keep your walls up to date with some of the latest trends. Browse through our wonderful collection of famous metropolitans and find the print that best appeals to you.

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Go Sight-Seeing In Your Favourite City

Whether you reside in the countryside or in a suburban area, big cities never fails to amaze. The downtown core of your region or the place you have always dreamed of visiting is now a lot closer than you think. Scenolia’s collection of urban wall hangings tapestries delivers the bustling cities where development and events are always taking place. There is no other place than the city that attracts big romantics and food lovers like Paris, or experience a diversity of cultures like New York! Bring a touch of metropolis to your home decor, wherever that may be.

Cosmopolitan Cityscapes

Located at the pulse of some of the well known countries in the world, these renowned cities contain some of the most astonishing sights and cityscapes you have possibly ever seen. With over 40 models of urban scenes available in our wall hanging collection, you are certain to find the wall art that brings innovation and growth to your interior.

We carry a variety of colour options, styles, and formats to choose from. Although these designs are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, our wall hangings are perfectly adaptable to any living space! Versatile and perfect for short term or long term exposure, our urban tapestry wall hangings are an exceptional alternative to painting or remodelling your interior.

How To Hang Your Urban Wall Decoration?

We provide a product that requires minimal effort for a strong visual impact. Scenolia’s wall art prints are exclusive to the world of interior decor and have been an increasingly popular product on the market. It is often favoured due to its elegant decor and simple installation steps.

The set-up requires hooks above the canvas for a sleek display. Each product is provided with a practical and reusable suspension kit to make the job easier for you. There is no need for additional glue or adhesion as our products are very sustainable. Browse through our wonderful selection of wall hangings and tour the city within your own home.