Nature & Landscape

Practical and elegant, Scenolia’s collection of nature and landscape tapestry wall hangings add a touch of personality to your room walls and keep you inspired to stay productive in your everyday life. The perfect way to remodel your bedroom, family room or dining room on a budget, the wall hanging makes the perfect accessory for temporary or long term use.

A great way to mask over any imperfections on your surface and contributes to a refreshing atmosphere. Browse through our selections of styles and models that bring nature into your home. The perfect inclusion to a blank wall space.

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A Countryside Interior

Feel Right At Home

You can choose from an array of nature and landscape wall arts at your disposal. Clear your mind with a peaceful view of the lake hanging in your living room after a long day’s work and feel instantly refreshed.

A waterfall surrounded by herbs and grass will elevate your energy levels. Your choice of wall hanging will depend on the ambiance you are looking to conceive.

We carry a wide range of styles available at Scenolia. Our design team can assist you in finding the right product for you!

Choose From The Heart

Layout, colour schemes, patterns and other supplementary design elements can have an impact on your overall mood. It is vital to put your needs first and choose the art print that uplifts your energy and atmosphere.

Choose a model that brings a smile to your face and promotes mindfulness by keeping you calm.

Nature and Mind

The elements of your room are all significant but it is important that they all flow together in harmony. A nature-themed wall hanging promotes productivity and improves the state of your well-being. The presence of things found in nature like plants, wildlife or different climate states can bring alleviation and positivity to your space by reducing your stress. The visual addition of a nature-themed or landscape portrait makes a wonderful appeal in your bedroom or living room.

How To Choose The Right Wall Hanging?

The hooks and hanging kit provided with your landscape wall hanging tapestry will make the installation procedure quick and easy. It is crucial to take every safety measure necessary, especially when working at great heights and using power tools.

Our products are recognized for their quality and sustainability. Manufactured in Canada, our high-definition printing is incredibly detail oriented when executing each print.

If you have any other questions regarding our products, our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect wall hanging solution to enhance your home decor.