Black & White Wall Hanging

Decorate your home with a Black and White tapestry wall hanging. Use two opposite colours of the spectrum for a bold display. Our wall hangings come with a hanging kit for a quick and easy installation. The perfect wall accessory for temporary or long term use in your living room, bedroom or office. Browse through our collection and find a wall art ready to hang in your space.

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Opposites Attract

The black and white duo is all the rage in a trendy interior. These two colours are often used in many interior design styles as they work brilliantly with your space and bring out the best features. The addition of the colour white gives the impression of space and light. It makes the room feel overall spacious and more inviting.

Black can often be intimidating but has wonderful attributes. It creates more depth and focus and contrasting to the white, it makes the space feel more intimate. Give this classic combination a try in your home. Our Black and White pictures to hang on the wall brings you a timeless decor for any aesthetic.

If you are looking for a monochromatic tone, have a look at our grey wall hanging tapestries.

Bring Your Interior To Life

If you look to refresh your interior but don’t seem to have the budget for a complete remodelling, there are many alternatives that allow you to cut corners and achieve the look you have been longing for.

The black and white wall tapestry is one of the best ways to transform your room and give your walls a new lease of life. This lovely wall decoration adds a modern and contemporary touch to your home. Scenolia’s wide range of wall hanging brings vogue to your interior.

Elegant and Timeless

Whether you share a passion for travel, animals, architecture or fine art, our black and white wall art collection brings you some of the finest landscapes and photographs that will make an impression on your guests at every visit.

The black and white colour combination never goes out of style and is often used in modern, traditional, minimalist and glam interiors. These basic colours bring a creative touch to your walls and accentuate the finest details. They often strike balance with other bright and vibrant colours within the space.

Scenolia’s selection of printed wall decor is available in multiple formats and designs suitable to all interiors. With great rates, find the wall hanging that fits within your style and budget.