Wood Wallpaper

A wooden print brings a rustic and comfortable feeling to your interior space. This collection is designed to mimic genuine wood patterns and is by far an exceedingly popular choice. Add a focal wall that will have everyone talking with Scenolia’s selection of wallpaper prints.

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Warm and Elegant: A Key Trend in Interior Design

Personal Style Made Easy

Timeless due to its natural beauty, the wooden pattern is the perfect addition to a rustic or contemporary interior. The wood grains in a rustic interior bring a sense of warmth and make us feel more connected to our roots by letting the natural components shine and create a relaxing atmosphere. In a contemporary setting, the sight of wood accentuates the modern design of your interior, building a striking balance with some of the subtle elements of the room.

Follow the Grain

Set the tone in your bedroom with a pleasing accent wall in your bedroom. As real wood is often more favourable, it does come with several downsides. The material is often vulnerable to cold and heat and easily attracts pests and other termites. Not to mention the price of the material can be away over budget. Luckily, we are here to provide an alternative that requires no maintenance after installation without breaking your bank. Let your inner nature-lover thrive with a Log of Wood Wallpaper for a comfy cottage impression. Our prints are incredibly versatile and can be styled with an array of hues. Our Whitewood Wallpaper will accentuate any dark or vibrant elements in your room, whereas the design from the 3D White Stone and Wood Wallpaper is quite busy, which may require subtle colours and components to complement each other.

Non-Woven Wood Wallpaper: Simple, Practical And Effective

Our non-woven wallpapers are simple, practical, and effective. Our products are made to measure the size of any room and are installed in multiple strips or single peal. This product is easy to set up and requires a hassle-free procedure to remove after use due to its dry-tear material. This allows you to keep up with any trend and lets your walls evolve with any seasonal change. As every space is unique, our team is available for further assistance in selecting the ideal design for you. Share your vision with us and we will help you attain your goals.