Dry Stone Wallpaper

With a classic and modern twist, our Dry Stone wallpaper collection brings an elegant touch to your interior with an impressive textured imitation wall. Incredibly versatile, this style can be used in almost any part of your home or in an office space for a sensation of retreat.

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Stone Impression For Any Space

Timeless Design

Dry Stone designs come in multiple shapes, colours and sizes. Whether you wish to incorporate a beautiful focal wall in your living room to complement your plants or transform your bathroom into the spa oasis of your dreams, our Dry Stone Wall collection is here to switch up your interior décor to your liking. Our collection brings the illusion of natural textured stones that resemble almost identical to the real thing.

Setting up our wallpaper in your space does not require any professional installation, but our services are offered if needed. The installation procedure is fast and simple with the help of our installation kit available on our website. You can easily change it up for the season with our dry-tear material for a seamless removal. Our Beige Stones create a warm and refreshing atmosphere in your kitchen. Our Dry Stone Wallpaper will transform your office space into a more appealing and inviting area. Play with our selection of sizes for any room. Whether it is a large bedroom or a narrow hallway, our wallpaper never fails to impress.

Practical and Elegant

Our Dry Stone Wall décor installation is effortless and effective. Our non-woven product comes delivered with step-by-step instructions and can be installed with the adhesive glue available in our accessories. You can cut and shape into any size with a utility knife and even create unique works of art for any occasion. Our selection of prints can make it a little challenging in finding the right print for your room. Luckily, our team at Scenolia can help! Contact us for additional information or consultation. Add a timeless and everlasting print to your favourite room.