Optical Illusion Wallpaper

Intriguing and fun display that will have your walls lead you into another dimension. Whether you choose to set yourself on a forest trail, dive under the sea, or expand the perception of your room, our optical illusion wall decors will turn your two-dimensional wall into a space beyond your imaginations.

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3D Effect And Other Dimensions

Create the illusion of a stunning landscape, a textured wall, or a mock window in any room. Scenolia delivers a unique and charming feel with our wall décor. A wall that will transport you to your favourite destination and let you escape your everyday life. Whether you are working from home, or spend most of your time in your office, it’s not always easy to take a break when you need to. Glance over your walls and picture yourself on a walkway towards the beach while the sun is setting. Create a relaxing ambiance and get away without stepping out the door. Scenolia’s digital prints are rendered in high quality bringing you to your ideal destination in just seconds.

Every room deserves to feel special in its own way regardless of shape and size. At times, it may feel a little challenging to decorate a room without crowding the space and making the room smaller than it may already be. Use one of your walls prints to broaden the space by adding a third dimension to your surface. This adds depth by creating a realistic backdrop that will have your jaw drop. Paris At Home Wallpaper is one of our room's expansive illusions prints that not only enlarges the perception of your room but gives you a wonderful view of one of the most well-known cities in the world. You can also make use of our Optical Illusion collection in your backyard, on a terrace, or any barriers. Our privacy screen is here to surround your plants and keep your privacy from anyone lurking from the other side. The Bamboo Privacy Screen is a wonderful selection as it turns your outdoor property into an endless field around your landscaping. Wall décor is perfect for dreamers.