Panoramic poster

Panoramic posters overhaul your home by transforming an entire wall. Giant decorations are available in a one-piece finish: an exclusive feature that facilitates a seamless installation for an impeccable result! Your poster is wrapped around a roll guide for easy installation. We recommend using pins to attach it to the roll, though you can also use double-sided tape or staples.

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Personalise your interior with a panoramic wall poster

Large choice of XXL panoramic posters on Scenolia

The panoramic posters cover a whole wall or a large part of it, for a very large format decoration that imposes its universe. Available in different sizes, you can find a wide range of wall posters, panoramic photo posters and our wallpaper posters on the Scenolia website. Are you ready to embark on your next adventure, finding a new wall decoration for your home?

Large format panoramic photo poster

What could be better than being able to travel from home? A dream for everyone, isn't it? Discover all giant deco posters from Scenolia and choose your favourite destination. Thanks to a large-format wall poster, you can take off from your room in a paradisiacal atmosphere with a view of the sea. Decorate your room with a Thai-style poster for your headboard. Dream away and enjoy a beautiful scenery, warmth and clear water while lying back. Then stop off in London and discover the beauty of Tower Bridge with the trompe l'oeil wall poster. Take atmosphere of London's neighbourhoods from the comfort of your own kitchen and adopt a 'British' accent. Finally, land in the middle of the African savannah at sunset with elephants in your living room. Take a walk and enjoy a panoramic photo poster.

High quality printed panoramic poster

Scenolia has been a specialist in large format digital printing for over 30 years. Thanks to our printing experience, our French know-how and our integrated graphic studio, we offer high quality panoramic wall decorations for sale on our Scenolia shop. After carefully selecting high-resolution images that can be printed as large posters, we print them in our workshops, throughout Europe, and then each product undergoes a quality control.

How to hang on the wall a panoramic poster?

The Scenolia large format poster is simply pinned to the wall. This is the method we recommend for our one-piece posters made of premium paper and textile canvas. Easy and quick to install, pinning allows you to easily change your decor on the day you feel like renewing your interior design. Our installation instructions supplied with each wall poster guide you step by step. At the head of your bed, behind your sofa or in front of your desk, the panoramic poster can easily be placed in any room of the house.