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A relative shade to violet, magenta, or lilac, purple shows up in many colourful blends such as rainbows, flowers, sunsets, and many other natural elements. Scenolia’s Purple-themed prints bring you stunning springtime graphics that will make you fall in love all over again.

A purple wall decor can create a dramatic or quiet ambiance depending on how you choose to display your print, and what accessories to accompany the décor. This colour comes in many shades, from lavender being one of its lightest shades to dark plum. This colour will stimulate your imagination and allow you to be your most creative self. Why not give it a try and decorate your walls in a compelling way.

Purple pixel canvas print
Hummingbird wallpaper
Lavender field poster and art print
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Tips from our Decorative Team

To add finishing touches to your interior décor, you may be wondering how to dress it up with other colours and elements. If you are looking to create an intimate mood, add some black for a luxurious setting along with some mauve, light pink, and cream hues to soften the tone. To create an energizing, eccentric feel, combine a bright orange element with lavender to create a visually striking balance. There are many ways to incorporate Purple-themed wall art into your interior. It is simply a matter of finding the right ambiance for you. Some of our classic favorites fall on the Scent of Dawn Canvas print for harmonizing transition in one photograph and our Blue Brookelyn Wallpaper for a cool tone with minimum colour added. Find what works for your space at Scenolia.

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