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Bringing you serenity and peace. At Scenolia, you will find our blue wall decorations among our wallpapers, canvas prints and posters.

Blue elements bring a clean and classic ambiance to your interior. For many, this colour stands as a very popular choice as it makes us think of the sky and the ocean. Due to its calming energy, this colour works best in bedrooms, but don’t let that limit your options.

Blue seashell canvass¡ print
Blue Ocean Poster and art print
Lake in the mist wallpaper
Majorelle blue wallpaper

Tips from our Decorating Team

Blue walls are a very safe option for your home as it replicates a natural atmosphere with the addition of glass, plants, and wood. A free spirit space welcomes Under the Palm Trees Canvas Print with bright blue and golden hues. We also have our Sunrise Over the Cevennes Canvas Print for a striking balance against a light or soft coloured wall. This print also brings two complementary colours in harmony, perfect for a contemporary space.

Décoration murale Blue

Beyond the Blue Horizon

Often associated with freedom, wisdom, and open spaces, our blue wall decor adds depth to many spaces. From brisk winters to warm summers, our prints never fail to capture the moment. Dive into our collection of blue theme wall prints for your space.

Deer in the Mist canvas print
Wall decoration Blue
Navy blue wallpaper
Blue jeans wall hanging

How to complete your blue wall decor

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