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Let your imagination run free with an array of colours for your space. Scenolia offers a selection of colour schemes and graphic prints that brings life to your walls.

Splash of Colours For Your Walls

A stunning, eccentric display can be achieved by adding a bundle of colour to your interior décor. A perfect hack into painting or redecorating your room completely, our selection of wall decorations brings you all the bright colours in harmony with your space. These colours will have you feeling energized in your day-to-day life.

Colourful chalk wallpaper
Bird of paradise wallpaper
Red and green plant wall
Colour dot wallpaper

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Tips from our Decorating Team

Having neutral tones in your home is definitely a classic signature, but this can often result in a lack of balance. Add a vibrant decorative piece to your walls and break out of your boring cycle! Keep your room bright and exciting. Our Amazon Wallpaper makes a fabulous backdrop in a room dominant to white components or solid pastel as a feature wall. This print would be the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom or play area.

Our Kaleidoscope theme wall prints are suitable for a laidback Bohemian Interior aesthetic, composed of patterns, textures, and colours in a personalized look. Our array of colours also work in contemporary settings with our Colour Swatch Wallpaper, an excellent application with minimal components in your space. Find what works best for you.

Décoration murale Multicolour

Multicoloured Interior

Maximize your interior and play with our selection of vibrant prints. The missing component to your space, a bouquet of colourful tulips for your washroom, delightful pastries for your kitchen or chic and trendy illustrations for your bedroom or studio. Don’t let your walls be the limit, go above and beyond with our Kaleidoscope themed wall décor.

Multicoloured flight of hearts poster
Design wallpaper with colourful pattern
Multicoloured wallpaper
Canada multicoloured landscape Wall hanging

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