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Our yellow-themed interior décor aims to bring you all the happiness and warmth this world has to offer. This colour is very optimistic, vibrant and does not overpower other elements of your interior design. Although yellow is the strongest colour amongst many other hues, it brings out brightness and energy to your space. Discover our collection of traditional and contemporary yellow wall decor.

Yellow fan wallpaper
Yellow floral canvas print
Yellow mimosa canvas print
Pyramids of Egypt wallpaper

Tips from our Decorating Team

Yellow comes in many shades. From light lemon to deep mustard, our yellow wall decor will make the perfect addition in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. A yellow canvas print can brighten up a dark room and complement darker shades of blue or brown. For a classic modern feel, pair the yellow with some cream coloured elements in your space like an ivory wall underneath your print or implement beige textures and fabrics.

A mustard yellow is perfect for a Scandanavian interior as it complements the cooler shades of black, grey and dark green. Find what works for your space at Scenolia.

Décoration murale Yellow

Compare and Contrast

Given that yellow is a very strong colour, consider pairing it with neutral colours to create the perfect visual balance. Our Pyramids of Egypt Poster is the perfect example of neutral colour implemented with yellow but also works as a complementary pair. This keeps the atmosphere light and peaceful as it conveys soothing and mesmerizing sensations. If you are looking for a much bolder and louder feel, our Lisbon Poster throws different colours together and matches the energy of the yellow accent, thus creating a lively and spirited atmosphere. Select a print that brings you the atmosphere you are looking to attain for you and your guests.

Yellow and green world map wallpaper
Winter mimosa canvas print
Yellow taxi canvas print in New York
Yellow tramway wallpaper in Lisbon

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