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Earthy and neutral, our brown themes wall prints are great for creating a warm and welcoming environment.

A colour that has made a comeback. Scenolia’s brown-themed wall art brings a range of emotional experiences to your space. From tan to russet, this colour associates with resilience and dependability, along with bringing a comforting sensation to your interior.

A beautiful brown wall décor accentuates the traditional aspects of your interior and conveys sophistication as well as elegance in any space. Create a wholesome feeling in your space with brown-themed wallpaper.

Brown brick wallpaper
Brown wood wallpaper
Bagan Temple Poster and art print
Brown cane wallpaper strip

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Tips from our Decorating Team

Infatuated with brown tints but not sure how to incorporate this tone in your room? Let us guide you! For a vintage rustic feels, dark brown and burgundy creates a sense of depth and establishes an inviting setting. Great contrast with bright and bold colours like yellow, orange, blue, green, and fuchsia. Contemporary and modern spaces admire subtle tone shifts by playing with different shades of brown or combining it with white, grey, beige, or peach tints.

This colour is essentially timeless, and incredibly versatile. Brown can make your bedroom feel luxurious, warm and comforting perception to your living room, or a classic and minimalist feel to your office or work area. Choose what works best for your interior style.

Décoration murale Brown

Complementary Colours

Although there is no distinctive complementary colour to brown, there are many ways to strike a balance in your interior design. The World in Hemispheres Wallpaper is the perfect option for our adventurers and art lovers. Bringing back some antiques for a charming space. We also have our Camelot Wallpaper for a Mediterranean stone wall impression to refresh your living room for a modern feel. Discover Scenolia’s selection of brown wall décor for our selection of large format graphics and illustrations.

Brown and beige cannage wallpaper strip
Brown wine cellar poster and art print
Route 66 wallpaper
Brown wooden door poster and art print

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