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Create a beautiful design in your home with neutral gray tones. Get a sophisticated look in your interior with Scenolia’s wall décor.

A calming and soothing setting, our grey themed wall décor makes an exceptional backdrop for any classic or contemporary space. Grey is an essential colour that aims to bring peace and balance to you. Being a colour that brings neutral tones to your interior, it has the power to soften bolder and brighter colours, while accentuating softer ones.

Roman temple engraved picture
Grey stone wallpaper
Grey cobblestone wallpaper
Grey design wall decor

Top-selling decoration of the theme Grey

Grayscale Design

A timeless look, a grey interior design slows down time by helping you appreciate the beauty in small details. This colour can bring you a touch of elegance accompanied by warm undertones. When paired with blue, the room creates an inviting setting. White tones make the room appear more modern and spacious and silver accents would be the perfect way to glam up your room. Dress up your walls with our Bridge In The Mist Canvas Print for an idyllic setting, or Our Senko Canvas Print for an added touch of colour. Explore our selection of wallpapers, posters, canvas prints, and privacy screens for your dream display.

Grey concrete wallpaper
World map wallpaper one shade of grey
Grey cement tile wallpaper
Stairs to the terrace poster

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