Floral Privacy Screen

Whether you have a green thumb or simply share a deep admiration for nature’s most delicate creation, Scenolia has the perfect privacy screen for your outdoor space. Our collection of printed floral privacy screens is the perfect accessory to enhance your landscape design in the simplest way. Create the garden of our dreams on budget and without any labour, we have you covered.

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Add Some Colour To Your Walls

There are over a thousand different species of flowers and created in different colours. The colour of the flower can often be very symbolic towards human emotions. Red and pink roses are usually a representation of passion while white lilies usually depict innocence and purity. You can find almost every colour in our lovely bouquet of flower prints. Create a lively atmosphere with the garden of your dreams with Scenolia.

Our outdoor printed privacy screens are possibly the most efficient way in creating the vibrant garden without the cost of setting up real plants or putting in the labour of planting and maintaining real flowers. If you own a paved courtyard, a hanging vertical privacy screen can bring the illusion of a flowering hedge.

Add a touch of colour to your exterior. Why let your regular fence limit you? Create an eccentric atmosphere with a field of your favourite floral plants thanks to an original fence screen. Browse through our collection of floral privacy screens for more option available.