Privacy Screen for Pool

Looking to enjoy a day out by the pool at the comfort of your privacy? Install a printed pool privacy screen in your backyard that will keep your intimate moments hidden. This decorative item will keep prying eyes at bat. Spend your summer exclusively in the company of friends and family with Scenolia's collection of fence decor.

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Unwind With A Stunning View By The Pool

When choosing a privacy screen, there are a few important criteria to consider equally to weather resistance and durability. Each model provided on the website is highly resistant to strong weather conditions such as rain, wind, and strong rays. The ink is fade resistant even exposed to direct sunlight, and the vinyl itself is very sturdy. Our pool privacy screens are suited for all seasons, giving you peace of mind all year long.

Delightful Images For Your Outdoor Space

An outdoor décor should not be overlooked. If you are looking to create a modern and unique ambiance, consider adding a trendy decorative fence wrap in your outdoor space. You can find a selection of beautiful privacy screens at Scenolia.

Our pool privacy screens offer stunning finishes that will blend with the rest of your backyard or patio space. Get a stone print fence in your private space and give the impression of a Mediterranean landscape by the sea. Add a personal touch and create the illusion of an enchanting river hidden in a nature-themed fence. There are plenty of design options available online.

Which Pool Screen Works Best For You?

Turning your pool into your private area has been essential to many homeowners. Our durable, long-lasting privacy screen comes with 80% coverage allowing minimal light to pass through, and 100% coverage for complete privacy protection.

An excellent way to decorate your pool enclosures with a view of the dunes or the ocean, creating the perfect illusion backdrop. An excellent choice in terms of durability and aesthetic.