Green Privacy Screen

Enhance your outdoor experience with a green privacy screen to compliment your garden or patio space. A wonderful addition to your outdoor furniture, our collection of private screens will turn your standard fence into a stunning landscape full of life and nature’s finest creations. A decorative fence has become a wonderful way of maintaining exceptional privacy with an attractive view.

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Keep It Green

Push your boundaries and make the most of your outdoor space with a privacy fence screen. A practical and inexpensive solution that makes it easy to entertain your guests on any occasion. When selecting your product, it is necessary to choose the right model and design suitable for your furniture and landscaping.

Our decorative fence wraps are made to last for years and through various weather conditions. For your garden or patio, explore Scenolia’s collection of green privacy screens.

A Colour That Brings Freshness And Harmony

A green décor makes a great addition to any outdoor space as it complements and blends in with nature. Our outdoor privacy screens are a great way to keep your area protected from unwanted attention and shielded from strong UV rays and wind.

Whether you seek adventure or look to unwind by a tropical view, our collection of green screens bring you several world wonders to enjoy within your own property. Relax with a lovely visual of nature.

A Green Privacy Screen To Match Your Lawn

The colour green is often associated with the environment and relaxation. Why not consider this addition to your yard? Scenolia’s collection of Green privacy screens is designed to accentuate your flourishing plants and other elements with a realistic weeded backdrop.

Scenolia offers a selection of prints to make your property more unique and attractive. Browse our selection of prints and discover our variety of stunning views including exotic plants, tropical gardens and streaming waterfalls to decorate your garden, your balcony or your swimming pool.

Maximize Your Protection

Unwind and embrace the outdoors without any intrusion. Scenolia offers a range of privacy screens which are incredibly resistant and provide optimum protection against strong winds and rain. Perfect for any occasion, they are easily interchangeable for any desired scenery. Embellish your outdoors with Scenolia.