Privacy Screen for Patio

The patio privacy screen is a decorative wrap that provides you extra privacy with a seamless décor. You can find a collection of beautiful privacy screens that will enhance your exterior while keeping your area concealed. Scenolia gives you the opportunity to bring your unique style towards decorative elements.

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A Decor That Conceals Your Privacy

Consider A Patio Printed Privacy For Your Outdoor Space

Scenolia’s selection of privacy screens brings an intriguing decorative accessory that will preserve your privacy and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in peace. A decorative privacy screen wrap for your backyard patio is a functional and aesthetic element.

It will keep your area concealed from your neighbours or any outsiders, decorate your garden, or adorn that empty outdoor wall.

What Material Are Printed Privacy Fences Made From?

Our blackout wrap comes in our 80% coverage giving you limited view through the screen wrap while you enjoy a lovely décor. Our complete blackout conceals 100% without allowing any light source to pass through and provides shade for your plants. Choose your material according to your function and how you choose to display it. Scenolia’s selection of suitable fence décors in our collection of printed privacy screens.