Privacy Screen for Balcony

There are many reasons to consider installing a privacy screen on your balcony. Select the product that best corresponds to the structure of your outdoor landscape. Scenolia offers a variety of unique and elegant balcony privacy screens.

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Create The Perfect Ambiance On Your Balcony

Our selection of balcony prints can be adapted to any space and easily installed. If you are looking to add a unique touch to your outdoor space, consider a privacy screen with grommets embroidered along the edges for a seamless installation. Bring the view of paradise to your balcony with a printed privacy screen. Wherever you dream to be, Scenolia has the product to transform your space for any occasion.

Bring warmth through a colourful display. A highly resistant product, perfectly adaptable to any structure and easy to install. Highly resistant and perfect for outdoor use, our privacy screens are a great way of protecting yourself from strong winds and sun rays while you unwind on your balcony. Most importantly, privacy screens are a great way of protecting your privacy from any prying eyes.

Exceptional Cover At Great Rates

At Scenolia our priority is providing a high-quality privacy screen at an affordable rate. After all, your balcony is a space to be cherished. Our private screens are sturdy and withstands strong weather conditions, and designed to last for years without deteriorating.

Browse through our selection of prints including our optical illusions, sandy beaches, serene landscapes and much more. Our selection of designs bring you a modern décor as you personalize your balcony or the exterior of your business premises.

A Large Choice of Privacy Screens for Your Balcony

With over 150 designs available at Scenolia, we have a décor suitable for any space or event. Change the scenery according to your mood. Whether you dream of resting by the pool with a view of the beach or relishing in your garden full of exotic plants with a fence of an endless field of grass, compliment your space with a stunning balcony décor. Discover our bamboo privacy screen and other decorative view screen options!

Panoramic Display For Outdoor Use

Scenolia’s printed privacy screens protect you from prying eyes while keeping your landscape design elevated. Decorate your exterior with a durable decorative privacy screen.

This PVC sheet material is designed to withstand strong weather conditions such as rain, wind and strong UV rays. Your exterior remains beautiful all year round with a decorative fence on your balcony. While trees lose their leaves and flowers wither, your PVC privacy screen remains full of life and charm through extensive use. Several formats are available, with a standard of 3 and 5 meters in height.