Privacy Screen for Horizontal Display

Decorate your garden fence with a horizontal privacy screen and keep your intimate moments exclusive. Scenolia’s wide collection of printed screens provides a unique atmosphere in your backyard or outdoor space. With grommets placed along the edges of the vinyl for an easy installation, you can hang it up using zip ties, ropes or strings.

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A Decorative Fence Screen

The printed PVC sheet becomes a unique accessory to your outdoor décor. Either used as a fence or placed against a solid wall for display, our large format privacy screen creates a real barrier between your personal outdoor space and your neighbour’s property. Protect your privacy while enjoying the lovely scenery of some of the most exotic places in the world. It can also be used to protect your patio from draughts and to provide shade for your plants.

A Large Choice of Colours and Formats

The privacy screen makes an exceptional substitute to a hedge fence with our Virginia Creeper illusion print of dense plant pattern. With other options available like our wooden garden fence, bamboo or floral wall print, we carry an array of illusion prints to add colour and quality design to your exterior décor. Different landscapes can enlarge the perception of your surroundings, such as a pathway to the beach, a waterfall at the centre of an exotic jungle, a royal garden or an endless field of flowers. The privacy screen brings your dream land closer to you. Installing a privacy screen can be done in a matter of minutes all thanks to the grommets placed along the edges of the screen. The holes allow ropes or other suspension tools like hooks to hold the vinyl without failure. The material should be tightly secured without flapping or being blown away in the high wind areas.