Optical Illusion Privacy Screen

Create the illusion of a large garden or a mystical forest by hanging a decorative privacy screen against your fence. Make a strong statement by adding a Dry Stone feature on your balcony and make the space around you feel placid.

Take the vacation you needed this year without ever leaving with our selection of mesmerizing sunsets by the beach. We carry a variation of prints to elevate your outdoor space in just a few steps. Discover Scenolia’s Optical Illusion privacy screens!

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Transform Your Balcony, Patio or Backyard

Transform Your Backyard Into A Place of Wonders

The Optical Illusion is an element that tricks the human eye into believing anything beyond the ordinary. The perception through our lens is deeply analyzed and tricks our brain by being convinced of another reality. In other words, we are deceived by our own senses.

An image can provide the illusion of a texture, object, or location. Our dry stone privacy screen depict the beige rocks commonly found in countryside homes or our Climate Garden brings you a focal view into a luscious greenhouse.

A print that transports your outdoor space into any imaginable place on Earth.

A Wall Decor That Adds Dimension

Create the illusion of a beautiful wooden fence with Scenolia’s privacy screen. A fence that will not tarnish through various weather conditions and designed to withstand tear and last for years of good use.

You can cover your door with a vertical privacy screen of the gates to a garden and impress your guests as they enter. Whether you reside in the country or in the city, your outdoor view can be altered to any imagination you wish to bring to life. Create your oasis with a view of the tropical sand around your pool or conceive a royal garden to complement your garden stones and structures. Customize your backyard, patio, or balcony to its fullest potential.