Beige Privacy Screen

Add a neutral colour palette to your luscious garden, balcony or patio. Discover Scenolia’s range of neutral privacy screens including our collection of stone walls, brick walls, textured effect, sandy beaches and other serene landscapes. Our decorative fence wraps ensure total privacy by keeping you out of sight from any prying eyes. Fall in love with neutrals and add some vitality to your exterior.

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A Decorative View Screen

An outdoor space is a great opportunity to lounge on a hot weather’s day, so why not make the most of it? If you live in the city or reside in a dense suburban area, you may look to maintain your privacy when enjoying your time outside.

Whether you have a garden or a balcony, our printed beige privacy screens conceal your outdoor space and allow you to enjoy your intimate moments without being patrolled.

Keep It Neutral For Contrast

Design goes beyond your interior space and should be considered when owning exterior property. It is essential to choose your decorative accessories carefully to create a design easy on the eyes. For a sleek and stylish exterior, you need to find a colour that will either complement the details of your furniture or add contrast to colours and other elements within your space.

Whether you choose to equip your outdoor property with furniture, plants or recreational appliances, a beige privacy screen will elevate your atmosphere and create the perfect ambiance for your space. Discover also our grey privacy screens.

A Durable Fence Screen In Your Budget

When it comes to styling your exterior space, finding the perfect decor can be done on your budget. A lovely fence made of stones can be the right addition to a garden full of colours. Our selection of beige privacy fence includes our The Dry Stone Privacy Screen and brings the illusion of a modern countryside landscape.

You can achieve the scenery of your dreams without making a dent in your spending account. Our vinyl wraps are manufactured in Canada from high quality materials made to last through various outdoor weather conditions.

You can make use of this design screen to add some extra shade to your plants on an exceptionally sunny day, or shield them from being damaged by strong winds.

Scenolia’s Beige privacy screens come in a variety of models that protect your privacy while you spend quality time with your loved ones. Browse through our collection online and find the best printed privacy screen that meets your decoration needs.