Dry Stone Privacy Screen

Looking to keep your surroundings secure without comprising a beautiful decor? Scenolia’s dry stone privacy screen is undoubtedly an effective solution for your balcony, garden or backyard fence. Let yourself get inspired by our wonderful selection of contemporary landscape decor with a sandy stone wall impression.

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Rocky Design

Scenolia’s collection of privacy screens makes you feel more at ease while you enjoy your time outside. Whether you enjoy sunbathing by your pool or spend quality time with your family in your backyard, you may want to relish in these moments without your neighbours keeping an eye on you.

Our realistic dry stone wall design brings the illusion of a gated property on the countryside or brings a Mediterranean ambiance. This allows you to remain within your perimeters without any prying eyes while you enjoy a lovely decor that compliments your yard.

The effects of the faux dry stones make the area feel more natural and blend in with your plants, outdoor furniture or pool. Make the best use of your space. 

If you want to keep it neutral, discover our printed beige privacy screens. 

Saving You Time When You Install

Scenolia’s privacy screens are designed to be a hassle-free installation, saving you time for your outdoor activities.

Our PVC sheets are equipped with grommets embroidered along the edge of the material and ready for display. You can use hooks, ropes or zip ties to hang the material without any risk of failure. It is important that the material is tightly secured for optimal results.

The PVC imitation stone privacy screen is highly scratch and weather resistant and withstands various weather conditions. Treat yourself with a decorative accessory that keeps your space modern and refreshed. Browse through Scenolia’s online collection to bring your fence project into a reality.