Nature & Landscape Privacy Screen

From endless fields of the greenest meadow to a range of flowers, we have an array of breathtaking landscapes to fulfill your needs. The panoramic display of your favourite scenery has never looked better surrounding your outdoor space. See beyond the perspective of your garden with a privacy screen and heighten the perception of your land.

Scenolia carries a range of Nature and Landscape privacy screens suitable for any space, theme or event. Browse through our online collection and find what works for you.

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Your Journey Does Not Always Need To End

A Decorative Fence Screen For Your Outdoor Decor

Surround yourself with nature and find peace of mind. Whether you find yourself on a pathway to the beach, in a mysterious forest or exploring the highest mountains, our outdoor printed balcony and yard fence covers bring you on a journey into distant lands.

Turn your outdoor space into one of your best creations. Instead of leaving your fence looking plain, make use of the surface and expand your horizon. Our PVC blackout screens are perfect for decorative measures as well as keeping your privacy concealed.

Some of our highly requested destinations are usually set on the beach. Have a look at our Coast Varoise privacy screen for the perfect tropical getaway. Venture into the jungle and find yourself refreshed with a waterfall with our Beaume privacy screen.

Our landscape fence decors bring you closer to some of nature’s finest creations without traveling. Enjoy the crystal blue water, white sand and wild plants in some of the more unique settings. These designs will keep your mood elevated and bring joy and colours to your outdoor space.