Bamboo Privacy Screen

Enjoy your time on your balcony or backyard without worrying about your neighbours glancing over. Our collection of printed bamboo privacy screens keeps your space exclusive and secure from nosy neighbours or passer-bys.

An exceptional way to decorate your outdoor space and bring in a touch of the Eastern world to you. Have a look at Scenolia’s collection of privacy screens and discover what our designs can do for you.

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Embellished In A Natural Atmosphere

Feel Great At Home

A bamboo visual brings a touch of Zen into your walls. One of nature’s most unique and fastest growing plants is often found in Eastern Asia.

Bamboo acquires distinctive features that makes it very popular as a decorative element.This plant is definitely making a comeback into modern landscaping and accentuating the natural elements of your outdoor space.

Whether you nurture plants, collect rocks and stone or keep it simple with neutral and minimalist outdoor furniture, Scenolia’s collection of Bamboo privacy screens is an essential piece to completing your space.

A Touch Of Oriental Decor

The PVC privacy screen is adaptable to any outdoor living space. Whether you live in a highrise with a balcony, or own land in the suburbs or countryside, our collection of privacy screens comes in various sizes that are designed to measure. The Bamboo print is an exceptionally popular choice among our selection of models as it diversifies your environment with the addition of traditional oriental flavour. It keeps your area looking effortlessly modern and fresh. For other alternatives, we carry variations of printed privacy screens to choose from. Get started with a printed design that brings you closer to your sanctuary.