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Introducing a series of arrangements that explores different dimensions, lines, shapes, and curves. Scenolia is here to offer you an intersection of new forms and arrays of contemporary colours.

Assorted shapes, detailed figures, vibrant colours in a collection of hues, our geometric patterned wall décor makes the perfect abstract or minimalist display in any space. Appealing ways to construct geometric shapes for a modern appeal. Abstract or simplistic, we have a variety of intricate patterns that resemble natural textures like our 3D Geometric Knot Wallpaper, or our City Scape Wallpaper for a minimalist urban scenery.

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Perfect for a Scandinavian interior theme, the geometric components are a perfect addition to the contemporary styles creating a warm and inviting setting to your space. Fun and creative way to play with rectangles, squares, circles, and other shapes. Make use of these basic shapes to create an outstanding design, whether it is asymmetrical, diagonal, or isometric, our geometric shapes will inspire you to be inclusive in every room within your home.

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