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3D Effect

Give your walls a new dimension with our 3D printed wall decorations. Add some depth to your room with our collection of wallpaper and posters.

Dip into our world of patterns and textures for your interior. Find the effect you wish to pop off your walls with our 3D printed designs. An exceptional choice for a change of scenery, our printed wall will bring the illusion that transports you to a place beyond your reach. Whether you wish to bring the cottage vibes with our Log of Wood Wallpaper or a beach house with our Beach at Home Wallpaper.

Giving you brick walls for your bedroom, an ensemble of foliage for your office, or a marble wall for your kitchen. Discover a new way to interact with your walls with a photo-realistic textured print.

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3D effect wall decoration
3D wall decoration

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Hit refresh with a brand-new wall cover in just a few steps. An effective way to refurbish your home without plastering tiles or tearing down a wall to add depth to your space. Our 3D printed wall décor creates an optical illusion that transforms any space and enhances your experience. With effortless installation, you can set up a new backdrop with some glue or pins in just a few minutes. Get the product that makes your room exclusive.

Décoration murale 3D Effect

3D Perception

Your walls speak volumes from any angle. Your selected design will stand out on our smooth, matte finish. Easy to clean, this décor adds detail and charm at a very reasonable price. Create the space you have always dreamed of with a wall that will get everyone talking. Browse through our collection for a new perspective in your space.

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